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Kiddie Club Childcare Center

Kiddie Club Childcare Center is a licensed group infant-toddler daycare (1-3 yrs) located in Burnaby, British Columbia. We provide child care programs that deliver a stimulating learning experience in a warm, safe and secure environment for children.

Program Activities

  • Group time (i.e. circle, story time, songs, felt board /prop stories, games)

  • Sensory activities (i.e. water, sand, play-dough)

  • Fine motor activities (i.e. puzzles, manipulative games and toys, blocks)

  • Science and nature (i.e. gardening, life studies and experiments)

  • Bilingual language arts (i.e. English and Chinese learning, storytelling, library areas)

  • Creative arts (i.e. music, movement, crafts)

  • Outdoor walk, games and activities


Contact Us 

Kiddie Club Childcare Center


6686 Stanley Street

Burnaby, V5E 1T8  

6290 Walker Ave

Burnaby, V5E 3B4

 778-861-1313 / 778-863-8811



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